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Homecare Services

Healthcare STAT Home Care offers unique and customized services in the Home Care setting. Our Licensed, Experienced & Certified staff will treat you as our own family and provide you with unparalleled care and service. Our Home Health Care staff are commited to providing you with Quality and compassionate care at your home setting.

To ensure that you're getting the best care possible, we hold our staff to the highest standards. All of our staff go through Our in-depth interview process, background Check & work history verification. In Addition to that we continuously monitor our Staff's Credentials, Licensing & Certification information. We continues to asses their skill level and provide recommendations and corrections to ensure they're equipped to provide you with the best care possible.

In Addition to the strict and efficient credentialing policies we practice, Our Home Health Staff are guided and trained by RN's who've excelled in their field for years and their vast experiences are reflected on the training and services provided by our staff.